What To Wear For Your Outdoor Family Shoot

Edinburgh family photographer

One of the first questions I am often asked before a photoshoot is ‘what shall we wear’? Having a professional photographer take your family photographs is not an every day occasion, so I understand that it can be tricky to know what clothes to choose. You will want to feel relaxed, yet also look and feel your best for your session.

To help you choose your clothes for your family session I have compiled this short guide with clothing tips. Please note you do not have to follow this guide. Ultimately what is most important for your photoshoot is that you all wear clothes that make you feel like yourselves and not a dressed up version of your family. My family shoots are about laughter, playtime and capturing your family just the way you are. So, my top tip is to wear clothes that will allow you to be just that and give you the freedom to run about and have fun.

  1. The best clothes you can wear for you family shoot are without a doubt comfortable ones. Stiff shirts and itchy jumpers no matter how great they look will hold you back from feeling relaxed, enjoying your shoot and getting the best from your photographs. Which, is what it is all about.
  2. Think about where we are going for your session and dress for the location. If we are going to the beach for example you might want to wear wellies, or run barefoot into the sea or if it is a bit colder wear woolly jumpers and fun scarves. 
  3. Colour coordinate your outfits do not colour match. Try to keep your outfits in a similar colour scheme if you can. This does not mean you all have to wear the same colour but think of colours that go well together. For example, if the majority of you are wearing earthy colours but one of you is wearing say a red jumper, this person will really stand out from the rest of you in the images.
  4. Try to avoid clothes with bold logos or bold or busy patterns. You can still choose fun and colourful clothes, however, these details can ‘take over’ in the images.
  5. Keep it simple and do not worry too much about looking a certain way. Above all, your photoshoot is about your family and having a good time!
  6. Last but not least, I always advice that you bring a change of clothes for your little ones just in case they are cold or indeed too warm. You just never know what the weather will do here in Scotland! 

We will have a good chat about everything that is important for your session before we meet up, so do not worry if you have any questions. Do ask them and it will all be covered.

I look forward to seeing you for your family shoot!