Lifestyle portrait gallery

This is photography that is all about embracing your everyday moments. It’s about capturing a little a story of your life today to look back on in years to come. Images that capture the normal things you do and turn them into lovely memories.

In this gallery you will see a collection of relaxed lifestyle portraits that I have taken in and around Edinburgh. Images that mix candid reportage photography with creative portraiture.

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Lifestyle portrait photography in Edinburgh and beyond

Lifestyle portrait photography is all about capturing a moment in time. It’s photography that focuses on the everyday and documents a little story of your life today to look back on in years to come.

When I photograph a lifestyle session, I always suggest meeting out on a location. This gives us space to relax, go for a stroll or even do an activity. Don’t worry, when I say activity I don’t mean bungee jumping (although that would be cool!). I mean something that you normally do and that we could capture with lovely, natural images.

For example, perhaps you have a favourite cafe you go to every Saturday morning? Or, maybe you’re a keen hill walker? Or, perhaps you would love some photographs around our beautiful Edinburgh? My camera and I will come with you!

Together we will create a series of images that capture your personality in the most natural way. No stiff posing here, but relaxed, genuine and beautiful images of a moment in your life.

If you would like to find out more about my relaxed portrait sessions, take a look at my how it works and pricing page or drop me an email and I will send you my portrait guide with all the information you need!