Natural. Relaxed. Unposed.

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Portrait photography full of real moments

If you’re anything like me, the portraits you love the most are the ones that capture genuine expressions. The ones that bring moments back to life and give you all those warm and fuzzy feelings. Your hair may be all over the place and your shoelaces undone. But, you’re caught in a moment and that’s what makes the images special. What makes you love them.

That is why I love lifestyle portrait and family photography. Oooh aye, I’ll set some stunning shots up of you too. But for the most part, a portrait shoot with me is candid and fun to catch you at your most natural and when you’re not really thinking about the camera.

Family photography

This is family photography all about genuine moments, family cuddles and the best part, not having to sit still or smile on cue. So, prepare yourselves to run about, have fun and play with your kids.

Your family shoot can take place anywhere you like and the best place is where your kids can relax and have fun. What do they like to do? Where do they like go? Let's meet there!

Lifestyle portraits

A lifestyle photo session is for anyone, anywhere at anytime. It can be, but doesn't have to be for a special occasion. It's just as much about capturing a normal day.

It's for couples, individuals and friends of all ages. It's for the moments and people in your life that make it special.

Whether you want to toast marshmallows over a bon fire with your besties, take a wander around beautiful Edinburgh or enjoy an ice-cream on the seaside, my camera and I will come with you!

Relax. Smile. But don't say cheese!

The best photographs are always those that are full of life. That have a sparkle. How do we get them? We have fun!