Can we book a photoshoot during Covid-19?

I am delighted to say that photoshoots can once again go ahead and to help you understand how my photo sessions will work around Covid-19, on this page I will be outlining the steps I will be taking to ensure your photoshoot is safe, fun and relaxed!

Displaying symptoms of or testing positive for Covid-19

First of all, let’s start with what is most important. If either one of us develop symptoms of Covid-19 or has been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 prior to your shoot, your shoot will be put on hold until a negative test result can be confirmed or the period of self isolation has come to an end. But, don’t worry. We will find a new date for your shoot as soon as possible!

I’m sure you are already aware that the symptoms of Covid-19 are:

  • A high temperature
  • A new continuous cough
  • A loss in smell or taste

Safety measures that will be applied to all photoshoots

These are the safety measures I will apply to all photoshoots during Covid-19.

  • Your pre-booking and pre-shoot meetings will be held by video conference or telephone
  • I will be using hand sanitiser, before and after your shoot and wash my hands or use hand sanitiser where hand washing isn’t available as is required throughout your photo shoot
  • I will not shake hands or touch any props or personal items that you bring to the shoot
  • I will keep a safe distance of 2 metres at all times
  • I will clean and sanitise my equipment thouroughly between shoots
  • I will ask that you don’t touch my camera, camera bag or any of the equipment on the day
  • All photo sessions will adhere to socialising guidelines and the number of people allowed to meet both outdoors and indoors as set by the Scottish Government.

Lifestyle and Family Shoots

All of my lifestyle and family shoots will take place outdoors for the time being. This means we can easily socially distance and you can still have a fun and relaxed photoshoot. You can still bring props such as blankets, bubbles or hot chocolate to your shoot as before. The only difference is I can’t touch any of the personal items you bring. But, your outdoor shoot can still take place anywhere you like, in your garden, in a park or anywhere else you enjoy spending time!

Personal Branding Shoots

Personal branding shoots can take place both outdoors and indoors (except in tier 4). The same steps as those outlined above will also apply to outdoor personal branding shoots, with the following extra safety measures applied to indoor photoshoots.

  • I will be wearing a face-covering for all indoor shoots
  • I will be working in accordance with your premises’ health and safety policy
  • Your photoshoot will take place in an area or room that is well ventilated and that allows sufficient space to allow for a minimum 2 meter safe working distance 
  • I will avoid touching any surfaces or any items in your work space as much as is possible. If absolutely necessary please ensure to sanitise any such surfaces / items afterwards
  • I ask that your work space is clean, tidy and sanitised prior to my arrival
  • I ask that you allocate a cleaned and sanitised area where I can place my camera bag, coat and other personal belongings and equipment during your shoot
  • I ask that you allocate a chair you can easily sanitise or cover with a clean blanket on which I can sit as required
  • I’m afraid pets cannot enter the working area during the photography shoot

If your indoor photoshoot will take place in a public venue these measures also apply:

  • Your photography will be undertaken in accordance with the venue’s Covid-19 Health and Safety policy and within our designated photography area, which must allow sufficient space to ensure the safe working distance of a minimum of 2 meters.
  • I will avoid touching surfaces and items as much as is possible during the shoot. For example, I will ask you to move any items you are using during the shoot, such as coffee cups, laptops etc and seek clarity from the venue as regards what items, such as chairs that I can move if necessary or when venue staff must assist. 

How will Covid-19 restrictions and the above safety measures affect your photoshoot and images?

When it comes to the photography itself and the images I will be able to produce for you, let me say with confidence that your images will not be affected by the above steps and measures that I will take to mitigate the risks of transmitting and contracting Covid-19 during your photoshoot with me. I often take photographs from a couple of meters distance or more, so in terms of the photography, nothing really will change.

I also promise there will be the usual blether and laughter during your shoot and that in no time at all you will feel relaxed and enjoy your moment in front of the camera.

I will still work my socks off to give you a fun and enjoyable experience and photos that capture your business, or personal memories that you will love for a lifetime.

If you would like to see my full Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy please email me at and I will be glad to send it to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, which I will endeavour to update as guidelines change.

Keep safe everyone.

Last updated on 23rd April 2021.